The Candle Factory, located in the Warehouse District of Traverse City, MI, is definitely one of the most unique, go-to shops in town. They carry a variety of high-quality candle brands, accessories, and decor. Over the years they’ve made a variety of different candles in-store also, most notably their Seasonal Tree Candles or the Carved Ribbon Candles. Recently, however, they’ve tackled and perfected scented poured candles (our favorite is the Nag Champa, but the new seasonal scents are kind of amazing). They contacted us for help with the design of the ‘Dust Covers,’ that will go on top of the candles, since they do not come with a lid. Knowing the feel and spirit of The Candle Factory, we kept these simple, clean, and of course, with the staple image: the Traverse City Gasworks building (1901) that the store resides in.