At this year last time we were going through the legal process of making ourselves a registered Michigan business, setting our own brand guidelines, and landing our first major client. While it felt like a very overwhelming process to set up a business while also focusing entirely on doing work for a client, we pushed through.

One of the most crucial decisions we made during this process was defining our personality. Most successful brands have on thing in common: consistent look, tone, and voice. For us, it really came down to being a brand that celebrated the outdoors, the midwest, and the spirit of adventure. This decision worked its way into our Instagram photos through subject, lighting, and coloring. It’s helped us build up the lifestyle side of To The Wolves as well as connecting with clients that have similar interests. There’s plenty of individual photographers and brands that are incredibly successful at this.

The first step a brand should take when building a personality is surveying who you are and how you want to be seen. Are you a bourbon brand that wants to be passed around a campfire while stories are being shared? Or, are you a bourbon brand that wants to be stirred into a homemade rosemary-maple syrup enjoyed in a modern speakeasy?

Tincup Whiskey & Old Forester are comparable in quality and price, however they take on two completely different personalities, which ultimately attracts two unique sets of followers online. We’re die-hard whiskey fans, specifically heavily-peated scotch, however we always keep a solid bourbon on hand for mixed drinks or long days. When Tincup Whiskey launched, it was really only a matter of time before they became our new go-to.

Building out your brand’s personality is one of the first steps in creating brand loyalists. The more people relate to and align themselves with your brand, the more often you’ll be their go-to.

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